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BioTech USA Carbox, Unflavored, 1 kg
Carbox is a drink powder containing a carbohydrate complex. It combines five forms of slow, moderate, and fast-absorbing carbohydrates. It contains maltodextrin, dextrose, saccharose, fructose, and cornstarch. These sugars have different glycemic indexes, that is, they affect blood sugar levels...
Dhs. 105.00
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Lazar Nutrition King Carb, Strawberry, 26
King Carb offers a complete solution for achieving your bodybuilding goals. Features of  Lazar Nutrition King Carb  Carbohydrates can increase your concentration of insulin, as well as allow you to resynthesize glycogen faster.  To maximize muscle glycogen replenishment, and necessary...
Dhs. 114.45
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Applied Nutrition Cream of Rice, Apple Crumble, 2 KG
Applied Nutrition’s Cream of Rice is a great source of carbohydrates which is easy on the stomach and tasty too. Suitable for vegans, this is an excellent source of energy to keep you feeling full and fuelled, and ready for...
Dhs. 175.00
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Applied Nutrition Endurance Velocity Fuel Energy Carb Plus Electrolyte Energy, Lemon Lime, 1.5 KG
Endurance Velocity-Fuel Energy powder is designed as an easily digestible and quick supply of energy, delivering 48g of fast-absorbing carbohydrates with the addition of 300mg of electrolytes per serving. Endurance Velocity-Fuel Energy powder can be mixed at various concentrations to...
Dhs. 150.00
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Applied Nutrition Carb X, Unflavored, 1.2 Kg
Applied Nutrition Carb X is 100% cyclodextrin and is a good energy booster during, before and after exercise. HBCD has a high molecular weight, which helps increase gastric emptying. This means that the carbs will stay in your stomach for...
Dhs. 197.40
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