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Trister Smart 4 Mode Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer - Model TS-240TFR
An accurate thermometer helps you to identify irregularity in body temperature and see what are often the first signals of something that needs attention: Particularly in young children who cannot explain their symptoms, monitoring temperature is essential. Trister offers digital...
Dhs. 313.95
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Trister Digital Thermometer 10 Seconds Flexi Tip - Model TS-210TF
Measuring range: 32 C 42.9 C (90.0 F 109.9 F) Accuracy: 0.1 C Battery type: 1.5V (LR41, SR41 OR UCC392)
Dhs. 26.25
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Trister Digital Thermometer 20 Seconds Rigid Tip - TS-215TR
Trister Digital Thermometer has been proven to accurately measure body temperatures through oral, underarm, or rectal methods. The magnifying display is easy to read and has a switch mode for all-around comprehension. If the body temperature is detected to be...
Dhs. 15.75
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Trister Digital Thermometer 20 Seconds Flexi Tip - TS-205TF
The temperature of a typical body alters from 97.7 F to 99.5 F, 36.5 C to 37.5 C. It can change around 0.9 F (0.5 C) during the day and is called Normothermia. Although mild body temperature changes are common,...
Dhs. 19.95 Dhs. 15.00
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Trister Dual Mode Forehead & Infrared Thermometer - Model TS-236TFO
Normal body temperature varies between 97.7 F and 99.5 F, or 36.5 C and 37.5 C. This value is called normothermia and may vary by about 0.9 F (0.5 C) during the day. While minor changes in body temperature are...
Dhs. 261.20
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Trister Multifunction Infrared Gun Contactless Thermometer - Model TS-251TMF
Multifunction Infrared Gun Thermometer TS 251TMF Quick and accurate non-contact infrared measurement of the forehead, object, and room temperature with fever alarm. Result within one second Easy to switch between modes Fever alarm Accurate measurement
Dhs. 177.20
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