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Optitect 100% Sidr Honey, Jar
Optitect 100% Sidr Honey is made from the nectar of the Sider trees in Yemen and has good properties and great importance in treating many diseases and preventing aging and various stomach problems, so it is considered one of the...
Dhs. 108.90
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Optitect Arabic Coffee, 10
Optitect Arabic coffee, Arabic coffee symbolizes the generosity that characterizes the Arab community.Optitect Arabic coffee is considered one of the healthy choices due to its health benefits that accrue to the health of the body. Features of Optitect Arabic coffee...
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Optitect Garcinia Cambogia, 60 Veggie Capsules
advanced formula that provides ingredients which can stimulate both metabolism and thermogenesis this way which provide an intensive fat burner results, the enhanced focus during training and muscles are preserved better.Features of Optitect Garcinia Cambogia 60 Veggie Capsules Stimulation of...
Dhs. 187.00
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Optitect Jam Mango and Strawberry, Mango and Strawberry
Optitect Mango and Strawberry Jam is a great tasting jam made from natural fruits without artificial materials and sugars to be suitable for those who follow a diet. Features of Optitect Mango and Strawberry Jam Vegan  No added sugar Free...
Dhs. 27.50
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Optitect Natural Honey, 700 Gm
Natural mountain`s honey (Bees have been fed on mountain`s flowers), Pine Trees, Wild Thistles, and Oak Firs). It is rich in minerals, yeasts and vitaminsو Unfiltered and unprocessed, this pure raw mountain honey features the most natural taste and flavor...
Dhs. 173.25
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Optitect No Added Sugar Cookies, Milk Chocolate, 1 Bar
Features of Optitect No Added Sugar Cookies 75g A great-tasting snack for dieters. Contain 4.8% high-quality protein, free from added sugar Low in calories, a serving contains 85 calories. Suitable for keto dieters. Suitable for vegetarians. Rich in healthy fibers,...
Dhs. 25.41
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Optitect Omega-3 Fish Oil, 2000 mg, 90 Softgels
Optitect Omega-3 Fish Oil is a high-potency formula that supports Cardiovascular health and provides an optimal balance of EPA / DHA to reduce Bad Cholesterol & triglyceride. Features of Optitect Omega-3 Fish Oil Fish Oil (2000) mg EPA (800) mg...
Dhs. 198.00
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Optitect Optimum Multivitamin and Minerals, 30 Tablets
Optitect Optimum Multivitamin and Minerals Formula Provides Recognized Benefits Throughout the Body, Including Enhancing Cognitive Function, Energy Levels, and The Immune System as Well as Healthy Hair, Skin, Teeth, And Muscles. Features of Optitect Optimum Multivitamin and Minerals Promote bone...
Dhs. 150.00
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OptiTect Peanut Butter with Milk Chocolate, 200 Gm
OptiTect Peanut Butter with Milk Chocolate-Scrumptious spread with the perfect balance of savory and sweetness. The fusion of the smooth and creamy peanut butter with rich milk chocolate is guaranteed to take you on a delicious ride. As with all...
Dhs. 31.90
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Optitect Perfect Nuts, 110 Gm
Optitect Perfect Nuts Enjoy the delicious taste of the fresh OptiTect Perfect Nuts with their special flavor Features Of Optitect Perfect Nuts Fresh and Light Nuts Source of Fiber (2.2g /serving)  Low salt with Himalayan salt Source of protein 18%...
Dhs. 24.20
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Optitect Protein Keto Diet Crackers, Thyme, 100 Gm
Optitect Protein Keto Diet Crackers are delicious thyme-flavored, protein-rich crackers. Helping athletes, dieters and everyone who wants a healthy eating style, the product has been baked in the oven, making it retain its nutritional value. Features of Optitect Protein Keto...
Dhs. 12.00
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Optitect Quinoa Rings Snack, Barbecue, 30 Gm
Optitect Quinoa Rings Snacks are organic quinoa rings with a great design and a variety of delicious flavors. It is a healthy and delicious snack rich in protein and fiber to meet the needs of all dieters hence because it...
Dhs. 7.70
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Optitect Smart Electric Blender Chargeable, White
OptiTect Smart Electric Blender Chargeable is made of stainless steel to effortlessly mix nutritional supplements with your favorite beverages or fruits for fresh juice. It can also be carried with you to the gym and used after a workout Features...
Dhs. 125.00
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Optitect Smart Kitchen Scale, Purple
Optitect Smart Kitchen Scale is one of the world's first smart devices to accurately measure and analyze food weight to calculate all calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates through the Dr. Nutrition to follow your diet professionally Features of Optitect Smart...
Dhs. 275.00
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