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Neostrata Correct Glycolic Microdermabrasion Polish 10% AHA 75 gm
Neostrata Correct Glycolic Microdermabrasion Polish is an exfoliating cream that removes old skin cells while stimulating cell renewal. This one-step exfoliating polish provides instant skin resurfacing with 10% Glycolic Acid combined with professional grade alumina crystals. This formula rapidly removes...
Dhs. 381.15
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Neostrata Skin Active Repair Triple Firming Neck Cream 80 gm
Hydrate, firm and smooth aging skin with Neostrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream. Contrary to popular belief, neck creams aren't just face creams disguised under a new name. No matter how committed you are to complexion care, there's one...
Dhs. 385.00
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Exuviance HA Micro-Filler Patches 8 pcs + Age Reverse Serum 1 pc
Smooth the look of your hardest-to-treat expression lines - crow’s feet, forehead creases, smile lines. This two-step intensive system with daily face serum and once-weekly Micro-Cone Patches works together to target the look of expression lines while you sleep. Micro-Cone...
Dhs. 787.50
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Exuviance Age Reverse Hydrafirm Cream 50 gm
Now there’s a solution for skin that craves active moisturization and visible anti-aging benefits. This comfort-rich cream replenishes optimal hydration levels and contains a unique combination of multitasking AGE REVERSE ingredients that target the look of aging skin including dehydration,...
Dhs. 451.50
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Exuviance Age Reverse Anti-aging Night Lift Face Cream 50 gm
Intensify skin’s nighttime rejuvenation cycle with this unique multi-tasking formula containing a proprietary complex of state-of-the-art anti-aging ingredients. Now you can target skin’s natural collagen and hydrating support for skin that’s firmer, less lined, and undeniably younger looking. The triple...
Dhs. 472.50
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Exuviance AGE Reverse SPF30 Day Cream 50 gm
Help visibly reverse key signs of aging during the day with this daily skincare essential. Day Repair SPF 30 contains a proprietary multi-tasking ingredient complex with everything you need to restore smooth, firm skin and a more even complexion. UV...
Dhs. 504.00
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Fillerina Filler Treatment Neck and Cleavage Grade 5 Set
Bid farewell to fine lines and deep furrows with Fillerina's Dermo Replenishing Filler Treatment. This topical treatment blends six different types of Hyaluronic Acid to plump up facial depressions and recover the skin's former smoothness without invasive procedures. Phase 1...
Dhs. 682.50
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Fillerina Night Treatment Grade 5 Cream 15 ml
Replenishing cream that works deeply into the skin while you are sleeping. Wake up with tighter, hydrated skin. The ingredients are formulated to absorb exactly where they are needed.
Dhs. 523.95
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Fillerina Day Grade 3 Treatment Cream 15ml
Fillerina Day Cream is a dermo-cosmetic daily filler treatment to be applied all over the face. It is a moisturizing and protective cream that can be used alone or together with other Fillerina treatments.
Dhs. 418.95
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Fillerina Day Treatment Grade 5 Cream 15ml
A daily cream filled with Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and hydrate the face. Creates plumping action to smooth out the skin. Great under makeup. Deeply Hydrates and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Creates a plumper, glowing base under makeup. Contains 6 (gr.1,2,3)...
Dhs. 523.95
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Fillerina Filler Grade 5 Treatment 2 Bottles x 30ml
It helps fill in skin depressions and furrows and gives volume to cheekbones and lips. Recommended for highly marked mature skin types with deep wrinkles and furrows, severe sagging of facial features, and areas characterized by emptying (cheeks, cheekbones, lip...
Dhs. 733.95
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Fillerina Filler Grade 3 Treatment 2 Bottles x 30ml
Fillerina Face is suitable for its dermo-cosmetic filling action on face wrinkles and skin depressions, and also to increase the volume of cheekbones and lips. External applications for at-home use.It contains:14 doses (2 ml) of Gel Filler14 doses (2 ml)...
Dhs. 628.95
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Esthederm City Protect in Cellium Spray 100 ml
Institut Esthederm City Protect InCellium Spray 100ml is a spray formulated to protect the skin against urban and environmental aggressions, it helps to better fight against photo-aging. Its formula offers a youth exclusive triple protection, thanks to the Global Cellular Protection,...
Dhs. 156.00
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M.Asam Collagen Lift Face Serum 50 ml
The intensively stimulating serum from the COLLAGEN LIFT care line gives your skin more firmness and elasticity. It promotes collagen synthesis and ensures faster visible results. The light formula is quickly absorbed and supports the skin's own collagen build-up by...
Dhs. 283.25
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M.Asam Collagen Lift 24h Face Cream 50ml
An intensive soft-melting 24h cream which helps: Restructuring 24H anti-aging care. Confirming Improvement of skin firmness. Supporting the natural collagen synthesis of the skin. Giving the skin youthful elasticity. Protecting against moisture loss. The skin's own collagen synthesis is stimulated...
Dhs. 257.00
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M.Asam Perfect Teint Anti-Wrinkles Cream 30 ml
An immediate and temporarily smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. Open pores and imperfections optically disappear with perfect coverage. Controls shine giving a matte finish
Dhs. 194.00
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Novexpert The Caramel Cream No. 1 30 ml Fair Skin Ivory Radiance
Novexpert The Caramel Cream Fair Skin Ivory Radiance is a hybrid formula that ushers in a new generation of cosmetics. As for makeup, it delivers a healthy glow effect and flawless complexion. As for skincare, it boasts a concentrate of...
Dhs. 209.75
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Diego Dalla Palma Time Control Absolute Anti-Aging Mask
An innovative anti-aging serum-mask packed with powerful active ingredients. Harnesses Hydrogel technology that allows deep & balanced penetration. Fortified with Bio-Placenta an innovative multi-functional complex with five epidermal & dermal growth factors. Enriched with amino acids & folic acid that...
Dhs. 127.00
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Novexpert The Caramel Cream No. 2 Golden Radiance 30ml
Novexpert The Caramel Cream Golden Radiance is a hybrid formula that ushers in a new generation of cosmetics. As for makeup, it delivers a healthy glow effect and flawless complexion. As for skincare, it boasts a concentrate of anti-aging active...
Dhs. 209.75
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Diego Dalla Palma 25ml Lifting Effect Mask
An easy-to-use lifting mask with 25ml of concentrated serum. Infuses the skin with active ingredients for a cosmetic effect comparable to "Botox". Enriched with GABA BTX PEPTIDE, a new lifting biotech complex with dual smoothing action, relaxes the dermis and...
Dhs. 89.00
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Diego Dalla Palma Gold Infusion-Youth Cream
Diego Dalla Palma gold infusion-youth cream is a luxury pleasure for your eyes, designed to enhance the beauty of your eyes. It moisturizes, smooths, and brightens up the skin, reducing the look of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness....
Dhs. 316.00
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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Perfecting Primer 30ml
Prime and perfect skin with a vital, multi-tasking step to make the most of your makeup. The smoothing triple blurring complex minimizes the look of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, blurring imperfections to give skin an instantly retouched look. Time-release skin-balancing technology...
Dhs. 131.00
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Endocare Anti-Aging Face Ampoules 7x1ml
Endocare Regenerating Anti-Aging Ampoules is an intensive serum that regenerates tired skin presenting the first signs of aging. The ultra-intensive natural growth factor boosts skin health while a hydrating Complex provides intensive and sustained moisture. Enriched with Vitamin C and...
Dhs. 209.75
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Isdin A.G.E Reverse Night Cream 50ml
Isdin A.G.E Reverse Night Cream is ideal to reinforce the skin's natural renewal process. During night-time, your skin enters its natural renewal process but sleeping, by itself, isn't enough. With a stressful day-to-day routine, your skin is increasingly exposed to...
Dhs. 399.00
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Uriage Age Protect Anti-aging Multi-Actions Face Cream 40 ml
This smooth cream acts on both signs of aging and daily aggressions damaging the skin: blue light, UV rays, pollution, stress, and fatigue. Enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, the skin is perfectly hydrated and supple. Prevents and corrects signs of...
Dhs. 272.75
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Pharmaceris Tightening & Firming Peptide Face Cream 50 ml
The cream is recommended for allergic and sensitive skin which undergoes micro-irritation and accelerated physiological aging and becomes thinned, rough, and sagging due to age or exposure to environmental factors. The cream visibly reduces the number, volume, and depth of...
Dhs. 55.13
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Sensilis Upgrade Sensitive Skin Face Ampoules 14 units
Upgrade Ampoules are an intensive treatment that hydrates and strengthens your skin and release antioxidants. This is all thanks to containing ferulic acid and glycoprotein precursors to proteoglycan, and the strength of its genomic technology which protects your cell DNA.
Dhs. 136.50
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Sensilis Upgrade Day Fluid 50ml New
This fluid will help keep your skin looking at its best thanks to genomic technology which protects your cell DNA. It smooths your wrinkles and expression lines and, from the very first use, it will improve your features and redefine...
Dhs. 187.69
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Sensilis Upgrade AR Firming Soothing Sorbet Cream 50ml
Sensilis Upgrade [AR] Firming Soothing Sorbet Cream is a daily antiaging cream that strengthens the skin barrier and soothes irritations being specially indicated for sensitive skin prone to redness. It is ideal to help fight aging signs in sensitive skin...
Dhs. 187.69
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Dermoioniq Anti Blemish Treatment Specific Care
SKIN TYPES: Normal, Dry, Combination, OilySKIN PROBLEM: dull, redness, pigmentation spotsDOUBLE ACTION: stain prevention and anti-ageing prevention. It is by mixing the effects of a serum and a cream that this anti-blemish treatment rebalances the complexion of your face, décolleté...
Dhs. 1,139.00

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