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Academie Stretch Mark Fighter 200ml
A targeted stretch mark treatment cream. Highly concentrated with 15% active ingredients. Enhances skin's resistance to stretching caused by significant weight gain. Visibly reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks. Unveils firmer, more toned & elastic body skin. Particularly recommended...
Dhs. 383.25
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Pharmaceris Foliacti Stretch Marks Cream 150ml
The formula contains folic acid which provides comprehensive care for the weakened skin of pregnant women. it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis to make the skin more supple and increase its ability to stretch. It improves skin s resilience, which...
Dhs. 65.42
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Floxia Paris Stretch Mark Cream For Woman Care 125ml
The Stretch Marks Cream combines a complex of active ingredients that prevent and enable the regression of stretch marks whether they are due to variations in weight or pregnancy. It improves the elasticity of the skin and tones the sagging...
Dhs. 94.50
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Pharmaceris Tocoreduct Forte Stretch Marks Balm 75ml
It effectively reduces stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs after only 6 weeks of treatment. It improves the color of stretch marks so that they match the surrounding skin and become less noticeable. It has an instant...
Dhs. 80.85
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